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Roquette offers vegetable nutrient sources for efficient fermentation and innovative biotechnologies.                     

Biological science is encountered everywhere: from probiotic to biofuel as well as laundry detergent. It is driven by the critical needs of developing alternatives to the petrol-based solutions as well as the necessity to better care about our environment.

We are addressing the biological needs in two markets particularly thanks to natural proteins and carbohydrates:

  • Industrial Fermentation driven by the production and the stabilization of active compounds like enzymes, probiotics, antibiotics, etc.
  • Plant Care consisting of better soil and plant management by providing organic nutrition, bioprotection and biostimulation of plants in their environment.

For the formulation of your molecules, we are providing a range of maltodextrins, modified starches and polyols supporting the drying and the stabilization during your downstream processing.

Innovation in Motion: NUTRALYS® H85 pea protein 

Roquette has successfully launched a new plant-based, pea protein solution for the Bio-Industry Market with FOOD COMPATIBILITY.

A new innovation, NUTRALYS® H85 pea protein, responds to your request for plant-based origin substrate for the fermentation market.

With increasing demand for non-allergen, non-animal proteins, and non GMO origin, NUTRALYS® H85 pea protein also provides a solution to your food compatibility requirements, allowing for the production of food components like enzymes and probiotics. It is also meeting Halal and Kosher specifications. As a protein used in fermentation media, this new solution has similar nutritional benefits compared to soy and milk proteins, without their well-known weaknesses.

Moreover, our solution offers high bio-availability and balanced nutrient composition, while avoiding GMO and gluten-free issues, making a real difference in terms of processing. NUTRALYS® H85 pea protein is easy to formulate (solubility, acidity).

With the launch of NUTRALYS® H85, Roquette reaffirms its ambition of unlocking the potential of Nature to offer the best ingredients.

Additionally, this new solution can also answer customer needs in the plant-care market where it can be used to stimulate plant growth & improve disease resistance of plants, with the following benefits:

• Suitable for application on Non-GMO crops
• Non animal derived product formulation
• Produced without chemicals/solvents

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